The job of a Proxy Project Captain is to assemble a team made up of as many Proxy matches as possible. If you’re a Captain, your team consists of pairs: Activator + Proxy. If you have five Activators but only three Proxies, your team is not complete. Recruiting the most pairs is how you win.

Your Proxy Activators are dedicated to hunting for just one elusive “unreliable voter.” The mission: flush yours out of bed on Election Day, and get them to the polls. Every vote cast is a point scored.

Remember: just one Proxy per Activator! If you find more than one great Proxy, help pair them with a friend who wants to be an Activator (more points!). It’s the one-to-one connection that’s The Proxy Project’s secret sauce.

Get creative! Here are ten tips.


Like and follow our social media pages and invite your friends to do the same.


Make your own local social media groups, using our logo, brand colors & fonts. Tweet and post about your local Proxy Project actions.


Gamify it! Invent a point system or a contest. Make a leaderboard. Who can sign up the most Activators? The most Proxies? Get 100 or more retweets on a post? Upload a 15-second video “story” on Instagram? Get quoted in the media? Write and publish an article or OpEd about why this work is important?


Find local sponsors who will offer rewards: a pizza party, Starbucks gift cards, ice cream cones for the class with the most signups.


Tell stories on social media about Proxy teams. Stories with humor or strong emotion work best. (What are a Proxy Team’s reasons for voting? Which issues matter to them? Make your own gifs and videos to share.) Why do you need a Proxy? Why does your Proxy have your back?


Write an article for your high school or local newspaper, about your work on The Proxy Project, about why voting matters, and why you’d vote if you could! Post and share it.


Use our downloadable QR code that points to the Proxy Project website to help Activators sign up on the spot with their phones and get their Proxies to do the same. You can print the QR code on flyers, posters or stickers. Even make it your profile pic on social media!


Get familiar with voting deadlines and regulations in your District, including, ID requirements, absentee ballots, polling place addresses, transportation options. Use the links to in the Resources guide for all the information you need and share it with your Activators. They in turn will share it with their Proxies. Make sure they that if their Proxies are voting in a different District, they will have to help inform them about voting in the Proxy’s district.


Order Proxy Project T-shirts, stickers or buttons for your team: Screenshots w/link (Add QR code to t-shirt front design first)
Order Proxy Project T-shirts, stickers, buttons and wristbands for your team. Have a bake sale or a fundraiser to raise money for swag and let us know if you need additional support. Pictured are examples of a t-shirt design. Stickers can have our logo AND a scannable QR code to make it easy for your recruits to register on our website.


Ask your local TV station to do a story about you.

Ten Again! Who'z Counting ?

Hunt for Proxies and Activators everywhere! at local events like voter registration drives, and rallies around your issue: climate, gun law reform, immigrant rights, economics, health care, social justice, etc.



Our logos, and Fonts



Background Info for Media



Explainer about The Proxy Project


QR Code

QR code that links to our website.



List of suggested #Hashtags & Social Media messages


Email Samples

Reach out to potential sponsors and supporters


PHOTOS To Use On Social Media

Please create your own posts, gifs, stories, and short films!
Here are some examples:



What laws pertain to the Proxy Project?

We are a 501c4 organization. That means we are a non-profit corporation, which pays no taxes. Therefore we MAY NOT campaign for a specific candidate, or be affiliated with any particular campaign for public office. We CAN devote resources and lobbying efforts to specific causes, or issues such as gun law reform or climate change. Contributions to our corporation are NOT tax-deductible.

Who can be an Activator?

An Activator is someone who can’t vote. Someone under-18, or perhaps an older undocumented person, or “Dreamer,” who came to this country at a young age and seeks rights. An Activator can even be someone who lost voting privileges after a conviction. What matters is the connection.

Who makes the best Proxy?

Your target Proxy is somebody who’s registered—but doesn’t have a history of voting. Maybe it’s somebody who thinks “My vote doesn’t matter.” “It’s only the midterms.” “I’m too busy to vote.” “Last time I forgot.” “All politicians are the same.”  You “activate” by convincing: If you don’t vote, you can’t complain, so vote. Do it for me, because change can’t wait. Your vote could be the one that makes the difference.

Should an Activator try to change a Proxy’s mind?

That’s up to each individual. But if you find your voter disagrees with you, you may not want to extend the effort to get them to the polls!  You may want to find a different Proxy.

Is it legal to ask someone to vote on my behalf?

Yes, If they are legally registered to vote and no one is paying them or forcing them to do so. Only one vote is being cast — theirs. But they are promising you that they will show up at the polls. It’s no different from an interest group or a Get Out The Vote organization contacting a voter and asking them to cast a ballot in the interest of their platform.

Do I need your approval or permission for my campaign plan?

The Proxy Project is meant to be run by you, with support from the website (when the full version goes live September 14th) and our founding student organizers. Contact us at  if you have questions, need more resources or other help. Check the toolkit for guidelines on use of our logo, fonts, branding colors and ideas for running a successful campaign.